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GuestAll PowerRes

The GuestALL PowerRes feature allows your clients to request a reservation On-line from your web site.  GuestALL PowerRes has several advantages over other companies with similar services, including:

Advantages of GuestALL PowerRes
     One button click to synchronize your pending reservation requests, rooms, availability, rates and taxes to the GuestALL PowerRes web site  
     Automatically import your reservation requests into GuestALL 
     Secured by SSL (secured socket layer) 
     Automatic payment processing using PayPal 
     Upload by Room Id or Room Type 
     Customize the look and feel of your Reservation Web page
     60 day free no obligation trial period
     Flat rate fee regardless of the number of reservations requested or property size

How it works

  1. The property owner adds the GuestALL PowerRes link to any web page on their web site that they would like to offer on-line reservations
  2. As a customers choose to book a room with the property they click the link and are connected with the GuestALL PowerRes web site
  3. The customer then selects a room and the GuestALL PowerRes site checks the Availability of the room  
  4. Assuming the room is available the customer enters their information to book the room and a Email confirmation is sent to the property owner as well as the customer
  5. When the owner receives the confirmation they open the GuestALL program and they click a single button to synchronize the GuestALL system with the GuestALL PowerRes web site
  6. The customers reservation request will appear on the reservation page in GuestALL and the property owner then confirms the reservation
  7. Assuming the property owner confirms the reservation the rooms availability will removed from the GuestALL PowerRes site on the next synchronization

How to try GuestALL PowerRes

  1. Start the GuestALL Program on your computer and from the main menu of GuestALL choose the On-Line Interfaces option and then select the GuestALL PowerRes option.  If you do not have this option you will need to Download and install the latest program updates from our web site.
  2. Once on the GuestALL PowerRes window, chick the "Transfer to PowerRes" button.  This will send your room availability and configuration information the to web site.
  3. Next click on the "View My Page" button and your reservation page will appear.   This is the page your clients will see when they book a reservation.  If you would like to change some of the information that appears you do that in the GuestALL program and then after you complete the change you transfer it to the PowerRes site.   Below are the options in GuestALL that you can change the appearance of your web page:

      • The headings of your web page are found in the GuestALL Configuration Menu, Letterhead option
      • The rooms, room descriptions and rates of your web page are found in the GuestALL Configuration Menu, Rooms option

  4. Now that you are satisfied with the appearance of your web page, book a test reservation.
  5. After booking the reservation you will receive an email with the reservation request information.
  6. Once you receive the email, go back to the GuestALL PowerRes option in the GuestALL program and choose the "Transfer to PowerRes" button.
  7. Your test reservation will now appear in the pending reservations grid.  Click on the test reservation in the grid and it will import it into the GuestALL reservation window.  At this point you would process the reservation as you normally would in GuestALL by processing the payments and confirming with the guest.  If this had been a real reservation you would want to re-transfer your information to the PowerRes web site after confirming with the client to remove the availability of the room from the web site.
  8. Once you are satisfied with the appearance of your web page you will need to add a link to your page from your web site anywhere you would like to accept On-Line reservations.   We have provided some sample links to assist you in the process and they are found by clicking the "Sample Links" button on the GuestALL PowerRes window of your GuestALL program.  If you require assistance in adding the links to your reservation page we do offer a support service for this purpose.  See the Service options of this site for more information.   

    $89.95 per year

Introducing the GuestALL PowerRes option. 

This option allows you to:

  • Post your room availablibilty, rates and descriptions to the internet
  • Allow clients to request on-line reservations from your web site
  • Download requested reservations directly into GuestALL

This option is available in all GuestALL version 11 and higher.

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Latest News

January 21, 2015 - GuestALL Support for Windows 8.0

January 22, 2014 - GuestALL PowerRes now processing payments thru PayPal.

December 20, 2012 - Web site moved to new hosting location with fail-over capabilities

November 23, 2012 - Release version 12.0 to support PowerRes secured connections

April 22 2012 - Addition of PowerRes Upload by Room Type.

April 2 2012 - Addition of PowerRes Templates.

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